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Hello, Beautiful Soul, 


Welcome to Awakened Oracle. Spiritual Life Coaching Led by an Intuitive and Empathic Energy Healer.


I am David at Awakened Oracle providing you with spiritual life coaching and energy healing enabling mind, body, and soul transformation, and skill-building to unleash the power within you.

Breakthrough Spiritual Life Coaching & Energy Healing For Unleashing the Power Within You!


I would be honored to help you on your journey. 

Contact me now and book a 15-minute FREE consultation with David at Awakened Oracle. 


Mission ​

​My mission is to empower you through Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Healing to heal, self-actualize, further your spiritual gifts, and live a joyful, fulfilled, and abundant life.​



As a spiritual life coach and intuitive energy healer, I can help you step fully into your power, open and receive your true gifts, and align with your soul's highest path. You deserve the life you want.


Schedule a Spiritual Coaching or Energy Healing Appointment

Sessions are specifically tailored to your individual needs.

My goal is to empower you to become the greatest version of yourself.





1:1 Breakthrough Spiritual

Life Coaching

Awakens your innate spiritual power and guides you into transforming your life at a soul level.

1:1 Energy Healing 

Energy healing clears, balances, and illuminates the subtle energy fields within the emotional, mental, psychical, and spiritual bodies.

Spiritual Life  Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching

Awakened Oracle

Awakened Oracle

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

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