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What Satisfied Clients Are Saying





Working with David is my way of gifting myself the spiritual and emotional self-care I crave.

David empowers you, for we all have blocks and cycles in life and guides you with love. Through his pure essence, light, and laughter, he tunes into the spaces you may feel stuck and brings the light and clarity needed to move forward. I am so grateful and honored to receive from this powerful soul. His coaching, guidance, compassion, and wisdom never lead me astray; I always feel I am being led back to myself. I highly recommend David as your coach and healer, we all deserve extra support and guidance, and I couldn't recommend a better leader than David.

Carol Richardson, M. Div., M.P.H.

Life Coach, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher at National Integrated Health Associates (N.I.H.A.) 

David's ability to tune into others' needs and help them heal is incredible. His broad knowledge, wisdom, sensitivity, and caring, along with his expert excellent training, lead him to stand out. I highly recommend working with David. You will feel eased and uplifted on many levels.

Kamal Gabry, M.D.
F.A.C.E., A.B.I.H.M., L.M.T.

David is an aware healer whom I respect and trust. He is decent, non-judgmental, and very intelligent. David is passionate about assisting his clients in attaining their highest healing potential. His skills are superb, and his manners are genuine and caring. Fortunate are those who benefit from David's talents and skills.

Linda White

Founder of Evolutionary Recovery & Psychotherapy

David is a wholehearted healer. His energy is high and contagious, and his laugh brings joy. He brings passion and enthusiasm to any projects in which he is engaged. Highly recommend working with David.

Jenn G.

I did a healing session with David via phone and was amazed at how well he could assess my needs, despite our not being together in person. He's an immensely compassionate healer who created a supportive, non-judgmental space where I felt completely safe. I felt myself becoming calmer and more at ease as David cleared some significant blocks, and I left with a newfound clarity and a lightness in my heart.

I'm looking forward to future sessions!

Jessica Gada

I've been with David for four energy work/reiki sessions, which I highly recommend. David's attention to detail, compassion and healing touch is on another level. Each time I leave, I feel more grounded, clear, and relaxed than I thought was possible. So, basically: Treat Yo'self! And prepare to have your expectations exceeded.

Chris P.

I have been seeing David for about two months; David has gotten me in a good enough place health-wise to start a workout routine that is allowing me to enjoy life. Do yourselves a favor and book an appointment today - you'll wonder why you waited so long!


Jun Li Z

Fantastic service! Worth it. I walked out feeling much better. The difference between him and all the other places I've had was that he 'looked out for me. Highly recommend!

Vincent D.

I could not have been happier. He had incredible precision while correcting where I was imbalanced. He was incredibly keen on where I needed attention. 

Shannon D.

I had a great experience with David. Not only did he help me relax and reduce stress, but he also gave me tips on improving issues. He is about healing the whole person, body, soul, and mind. I loved his energy.

Chris P.

I am convinced that David is the most skilled healer I have ever encountered. I want to give the highest recommendation to David.

Mackenzie J.

David was everything! I will be returning.

Will Stallworth

David is amazing. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Lena L.

I will MOST definitely be back!!! David was flat-out amazing. It was more than I could ask for.

Thank you!

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Eric Wuechner, Awakened Oracle
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