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David Wuechner is here to help raise the vibration of the planet. His most innate desire and highest calling is for each individual to awaken to their natural Divine Love and Light and thus illuminate the world. He is a naturally gifted Medical Medium, Healer, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Transformative Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master, and The Healers’ Healer. Eric was born as Clairaudient, Clarinetist, Claircognizant, and Clairvoyant. During the healing session, the universal life force energy is that of the vibration of Jesus Christ and higher.


Since 1992 David has pursued a panoramic array of spiritual practices guided by the Divine Source of All that is, Mother Mary, Jesus, Medicine Buddha, Ascended Masters, and Healers of the Past, Present, and the Future. Moreover, Eric channels and services through various sources, traditions, and methods of Ancient Wisdom such as Daoism, Medical Chi Gong, and Shamanism by the lineage of the South American Guarani Indian Tribe, Collective Angelic Realm, and Eternal Crystal Healing Origins. Further, Eric has access to the Akashic Records.


As a four-year-old, David’s family became aware of his unique gifts and psychic abilities. At that time, Eric intuitively knew who was about to call their home phone before it would ring. He shared this information with his family members, and to their surprise, his predictions were accurate every time. In his innocent mind, Eric believed that this ability belonged to everyone around him.


Through heart-centered intention and skill, DAvid reharmonizes and re-balances the natural flow of life force energy. With his healing abilities, he clears, aligns, and energizes his clients’ auric field, thereby placing the clients in a position of an innate and accelerated self/other-healing process.


Perhaps most significantly, his gift of service is in gatekeeping, facilitating the flow of Divine Love and Light, and opening of the light body. Through the power of Light Body Activation, he initiates his clients’ innate psychic and healing abilities so that they can receive their unique Divine offerings and access Guardian Angels, Personal Guides, Ascendant Masters, and Healers.

When David is not practicing his gifts, he enjoys communing with nature, hiking, meditating, practicing yoga, exercising passive Martial Arts, swimming, reading, and spending quality time with his soulmate, family, and friends.

After an Angel meditation, the image was taken by David. 

(The Potomac River, Washington D.C.) On February 19, 2020,



















After a heart (Anahata) chakra meditation, the image was taken of David

(Death Valley National Park) on March 21, 1997


















“Even though the continents can divide, and language may separate us, we gather around the great fire of the central sun, and by connecting with spirit through the heart, we are ONE.”


David Wuechnner


 Overview and Mission 

"My mission is to help transform individuals who desire further empowerment living a deeply meaningful and integrated life.


I am an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach,  Energy Medicine Healer, and Teacher.


My conscious coaching and healing processes will guide you to your awakened, aligned, and most dynamic self by reconnecting you with your most innate ability to transform and reach your highest potential. 


Collaboratively, we will strive for your most fulfilling, limitless, and joyful life."

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