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About David


Welcome, beautiful souls! I am David, a transforming intuitive energy healer and spiritual life coach. My goal is to help you heal and move into your power. 


With a lifetime of mystical experiences, my spiritual journey continues  to be a loving path of freedom, abundance, consciousness expansion, and deepening connection to self, others, and the infinite world of energy. It is my utmost honor and pleasure to assist you in your spiritual journey. 


Spiritual Offerings 

Because of a spiritual gift I received at birth, I can detect, see, hear, and feel the energy fields emanating from individuals. These innate abilities inspired me to pursue holistic education to learn how to treat people's mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. As a result of witnessing such powerful transformations and miraculous healings, I felt compelled to follow a path of devotion as a Spiritual Life Coach and Energy Healer, guiding spiritual seekers in achieving the spiritual principles of harmony, well-being, and wholeness. These spiritual seekers will then serve as a lighthouse for others to heal.​

David’s  Childhood Experiences

My family grew increasingly curious about my natural spiritual skills when I was four. Before caller ID existed, I had premonitions about who would call our home, and I let my family know before the phone rang. My family started playing a game where I would identify the callers' names, and to their astonishment, I got it right 100% of the time. I was amazed that no one else I knew had the ability to know.​

For over 20 years, I have studied and practiced Healing Energy Medicine, including:


●     Medical Chi Gong

●     Hands of light, Barbra Brennan

●     Virtue Angel training

●     Lightarian Angel Training

●     Reiki Master and Teacher   

●     Shamanic training, the lineage of the Guarani people in South America

●     LMT Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, 100% GPA

●     IPEC Energy Leadership Coaching

●     Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine, The Four Winds Society


●     Collaboration with Doctors as a medical medium to help heal their patients with terminal medical conditions.

●     Providing Energy Medicine healing to patients diagnosed with terminal stage four cancer. After one session, their conditions "miraculously" went into remission.

●     Working with law enforcement to locate and find missing persons to solve unresolved cases.






























After an Angel meditation, this image was taken by David. 

(The Potomac River, Washington D.C.) On February 19, 2020,

















 After a heart (Anahata) chakra meditation,

this image was taken of David

(Death Valley National Park) on March 21, 1997

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Awakened Oracle, Spiritual Life Coach DC
David Eric Wuechner, Awakened Oracle
Reiki Master Washington DC, Awakened ORACLE
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