Energy Healing


Energy healing is intended for you to induce relaxation, alleviate stress and discomfort, release emotional and mental blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance, and fortify the subtle energy bodies.

Healing Modalities

  • Balance, heal, and align the chakras and energy bodies. 

  • Strengthen, rebuild, and protect the aura for a deeper spiritual connection and well-being. 

  • Accelerate healing of emotional pain associated with stress, loss, and trauma.

  • ​Clear, illuminate, and protect energy bodies. 

  • Reset the fight or flight "Parasympathetic" system. 

During your energy healing sessions, we will collaborate in choosing the best all-encompassing healing methods that will allow you to receive the most holistic experience possible for your highest and greatest good.

  • Develop and deepen your connection with the spirit realms. 

  • Train in spiritual knowledge and practical skills.

  • Receive initiation rites and attunements to connect with spiritual sources. 

  • Chanel spiritual messages and gifts.  

  • Gain spiritual insight and interpretation from the realm of your dreams.


Some of the healing modalities I've trained in, such as Medical Chi Gong, 

Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, Shamanism, Chakra Balancing, and Angelic Healing

balance and clear the vital life force energy within you. 


  • Light-body activation to gain direct access to spiritual guidance.

  • Shadow work and integration of the true self.

  • Energetic cord cutting from current and past lives.

  • Clear generational karmic patterns.

  • Acquire energetic armor and protection.

  • Soul retrieval integrates fragmented parts of the soul that have abandoned the body because of trauma.

  • Remove intrusive energies and entities. 

  • Help departed souls in their transition to the spirit world.

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